At Regal, we believe we have three distinct customers–our employer partners, our temporary staffers, and our internal employees–and when they develop strong relationships, something special happens.


Employer Partners

To say that no two customers are alike doesn't begin to describe how we understand our relationships with our employer partners. Even though Regal has been in business for over 22 years, we know that the nature of industries is such that the only constant is change. We believe in partnering closely with our customers to understand their current challenges and share insights with one another. We tune our entire process to be able to achieve this in as quick and seamless a way as possible—so we can all work smarter, not harder. We also believe in straight talk; at the outset of our relationship you deserve to know what commitments we feel we can succeed in, and which ones we do not. 

Temporary Staffers

We know that what motivates each individual is not the same; we know your time is valuable; and above all else we know you deserve to be put in situations which will allow for you to be your best selves. As part of that commitment, Regal utilizes various programs–ideally in partnership with our employer partners–to promote higher levels of satisfaction, ownership, and success. We also know that, just as with our other customers, what's written on paper doesn't tell the whole story about someone's current, or future abilities. We therefore take it upon ourselves to put in place deeper communication strategies to ensure no one is missing out on opportunities, just because things weren't clear on the surface.

Internal Employees

If there's one thing we hold to be true, it's that an organization is only as good as the people within it, and that a solid, inclusive, and common sense corporate culture–starting with the highest levels of leadership–will determine whether we attract, develop, and keep amazing people. It is also within our core belief that people have hidden talents and abilities that should be tapped into for the benefit of all those around them. Through these focuses, a new type of loyalty and commitment to the success of the business is born, and new levels in advancement and mutual benefit emerge. We try every day to continuously improve the way we think about what it means to be successful, and the critical role which the people within our organization will play in ensuring that vision comes to life.